Frequently asked questions

I’m here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

1. What are your language pairs?
I translate from English into German – my native language.
2. What are your specialisations?
I specialise in fashion, beauty, pets, marketing and Amazon listings.
3. Why should I hire you instead of using Google Translate?
Even as a professional translator, I admit that GT can be a useful tool for translating words. Although when I say words, I mean single words. There’s a huge risk when it comes to translating full sentences and paragraphs through GT. Not only does the translation sound off to native speakers, it sometimes denotes a completely different meaning. That’s not what you want for your brand.

A machine also won’t be able to recognise any errors or inconsistencies in the original copy and tends to translate text quite literally – something you should consider when working with creative copy. For example, the British phrase “Two birds, one stone” would translate to “two flies, one swat” in German. Google Translate would not know that.

A qualified translator like myself understands your brand, its context and the cultural nuances of the target audience to make the translation sound 100% authentic.
4. I have a friend who speaks German. Can they help me?

If he or she is a qualified translator, of course. If not, I advise against enlisting the help of a German-speaking friend. As a state-qualified translator, I know how to translate your English materials into German so that it resonates with the audience and commands respect.

Translation isn’t just translating words into another language. Translation is converting content, context and cultural aspects into another language so that it speaks directly to the reader. Unless your friend has the wealth of knowledge to do that, I suggest leaving your translation to a professional translator.

5. What information will you need from me to provide a quote?
Please send through the document, deadline (if applicable) and any other specifics you require.

If you do not have the document, please provide as much information about it as possible, like its word count, file type, what it is and who it’s for.

I will then aim to get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.
6. How long will it take and what will it cost?
On average, I can translate around 2500 words per day, but the turnaround time depends on the text itself. I also proofread the text which adds on a little extra time. And of course, it depends on my availability too.

In terms of price, it all depends on word count, the complexity of the text and time frame. I usually have an hourly rate, but I’m happy to negotiate a per project rate for larger projects and/or a per word rate for translation agencies.
7. What are your payment terms?
I invoice my clients at the beginning of the month for the work I’ve completed the month before. You will then have 30 days from the date on the invoice to complete the payment. I accept all payments via bank transfer.

For larger projects, I may require part of the sum as an upfront payment. However, this will be discussed with the client beforehand.

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