It’s time to take your brand on an adventure

Ensure your purpose and values shine through in German

With professional English-German translations

Refine your written words for the German audience

Before you copy and paste your product descriptions and website content into Google Translate, think about what kind of response you’re hoping to receive from your target clients.

This is your brand we’re talking about. Something you’ve poured your heart into for years. It deserves to be treated with care and professionalism.

Translate cannot guarantee that, but I can.

From your clothing labels to your makeup descriptions, pet supplies to Amazon listings, I strive for perfection in every translation – a striking German-like quality of mine. Because that is what the German audience expects.

No typos. No grammatical errors. Only impeccable, captivating content from me.

To succeed in the German market

Give them content they’ll respect and enjoy.

Germans have little tolerance for poor content. If you don’t use German perfectly, they will not trust you and will assume that your product is of the same quality as your content – poor.


Clothing makes up 16.7% of e-commerce sales in Germany.

Be part of that figure by allowing me to meet the needs and address the concerns of German customers.

Clothing, footwear and accessories – I can handle the simple and descriptive content to describe material, colours and patterns of a product. But I can also just as easily tell a story with your content.

Cosmetics & Beauty

Whether it’s a makeup tutorial or instructions for your facial cleansing brush, I translate with accuracy and elegance to deliver content that attracts interest but also instils trust in the client.


Everybody loves their pets. And they love to talk about their pets too. That’s why you need to demonstrate how much you care about the wellbeing of their furry friend in order to earn their trust and attention. As an animal lover (and guardian) myself, I know how to pull at the heartstrings of German pet lovers.


Drive awareness to your online shop and ensure visitors stay a while.

I’ve translated numerous websites over the years for small and medium-sized companies wanting to break into the German market. Those same customers and more have relied on me to develop magnetic marketing campaigns too, including crafting competitions, newsletters and campaigns.

German consumers value accuracy far more than hype, but you still need to push the right buttons to picque their interest. That, I can do.

Amazon Product Listings

Amazon dominates Germany’s e-commerce industry.

Having worked as a freelancer for Amazon and for a consulting agency for Amazon sellers, I know how to craft copy that adheres to Amazon’s guidelines. I’ve also translated over one million words for Amazon directly.

Selling your product on Amazon Germany demands knowledge of character limits, SEO and the Amazon A9 algorithm – all of which I have. If your products listings aren’t SEO-optimised and Amazon-optimised, they will not attract relevant searches, and the result will be a low conversion rate.

Enlist my expertise to boost your product’s discoverability on Amazon and increase your conversion rate.