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I’m Julia. Your professional (and stylish!) English to German translator

Fashion and beauty are

MA, MCIL | Native German speaker | SEO specialist

Need a translation that sounds authentic, yet alluring? I’ve been a professional English to German translator for over seven years. As a native German speaker and having lived most of my life in Germany, I understand what kind of customers Germans are and what they want and expect.

Equally, I know as much about the British market and consumers through gaining a Master’s degree in the UK and living here.

Your journey starts here. With me.

Inside the office I’m

Outside the office I’m

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Your go-to fashion fanatic

From my gingham to my glen check, I know everything there is to know about fashion. That includes all the little details like fabrics, patterns, weaving and stitching and styles and shapes.

Since childhood, I’ve always loved fashion. Especially ethical, sustainable fashion that may cost more, but lasts longer than fast fashion.

To stay updated with the latest trends and see what competitors are doing, I regularly attend trade and fashion shows – something that definitely reflects in my work.

Perfection never goes out of style

And perfection is what I aim for in every project.

With my meticulous eye for detail and love for translation, I transform your message from ordinary to outstanding.

For the last seven years, I’ve worked closely with fashion and cosmetic brands to help make their products available in Germany. The process is always pleasurable, successful and stress-free.

Another proud achievement of mine: optimally translating product listings for Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Whatever you need, I am here to help you accomplish your goals.